Job Description: Line Service

All positions at Prior Aviation Service Inc. (PAS) are “Utility” positions whereby the employees are scheduled and directed to perform various aviation ground handling tasks at various locations throughout the Buffalo Niagara International Airport at the sole discretion of the management. Full benefits package available for full time employees. This is not an all-inclusive description and is only meant to give a general idea of the standard requirements.

The Line Service position encompasses the following areas:

  • Working outside in various weather conditions
  • The physical loading and unloading of baggage, freight, and cargo
  • Aircraft cabin service (cleaning and restocking)
  • Lavatory and water system servicing
  • Aircraft refueling
  • Aircraft de-icing
  • Operating various motorized equipment (baggage tugs, belt loaders, pushback tugs, deicing trucks, lavatory truck, forklift and aircraft tow tractor)
  • Able to follow safety policies / procedures Report to work neat, clean and business-like

Shift Hours:

Full time shift hours are generally available from 0500-1330, 1330-2200 and 1600-0030 with various days off. Schedules are subject to change to meet the demands of the aircraft flight schedule and workloads.


  • 18 years of age or older
  • Possess valid driver’s license
  • Ten-year background check verification
  • Able to follow safety guidelines
  • Like to work outside
  • Must provide work boots as part of required uniform (Steel toe not required, but permitted)
  • Ability to do general math (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) as well as conversion of various weights and measures
  • Ability to read and legibly-write English