Why Should You Select Prior Aviation as Your Flight Training School?

An awesome place for your first flight! I took one and now I truly know the pilot’s life is for me, the flight instructor was amazing and the plane we flew was smooth and handled beautifully! I can not recommend this place enough as you even get a discount on your first flight! So go out there and enjoy — the sky’s the limit!

Peppery – from Google
October 22, 2019

If you have ever thought about becoming a private pilot, the biggest decision you will have to make after deciding you want to become a pilot, is where do you go for your flight training. There are many schools to choose from and it can be an extremely difficult choice to make. Let me give you a few of the reasons why I chose, and highly recommend, Prior Aviation.

  • Instructors – I believe that the most important part of your flight training are the instructors. If you remember school or college, your teachers or professors were responsible to prepare you for the future. We had some good ones as well as others we’d rather forget! I have found that the instructors at Prior are all in the category of the teachers that I have fond memories of. I owe my becoming a private pilot 110% to the knowledge, patience, and understanding of my instructors. They had faith in me, even when I did not…yes, you will have frustrating moments during your training. The key is having the support needed to work thru them.
  • Safety – Although there are many FAA Certified Flight Training Centers, Prior’s goal is to train you to become a safe, competent, There are many schools that train you to just pass “The Test.” I’d rather understand the “why” behind things happen instead of just being able to pick A, B, C, or D on a multiple-choice test.
  • Customized Training – There is an FAA Training Syllabus that Prior utilizes, but not all students learn “’the same ” Some of us do better reading, while others learn by listening, seeing, or doing. My experience at Prior is that their instructors where able to see what method I reacted to the best and geared the way they trained me so that I would benefit the most. You will find that they are more interested in what YOU get out of the lesson vs. what THEY might get in return.
  • Patience – As an older student, I did not necessarily learn as quickly and at the same pace as same pace as younger students. The instructors will work with and train you at the rate that is best for your comfort level and SAFETY.
  • Equipment – When your aircraft leaves the runway, there is no doubt that you are flying a safe, well maintained There are schools that may have similar looking planes, but it is what you CAN’T see that matters. Prior’s FAA Certified Techs that are responsible for the maintenance of your planes make sure that what you can’t see is as good and safe as what you can. Prior also has several ground trainers that allow you learn even in weather that won’t allow you to fly that day.
  • Costs – Many Flight Schools want you to pay up front or even for blocks of flying time in Prior allows you to “pay as you go.” As long as you complete the FAA requirements, the speed that you go is up to you!
  • Camaraderie – You will find that the other students taking flight training at Prior have many of the same goals and interest that you There are many times that you will have as much fun sharing stories about your flights and experiences as you will while you are in the air. I have been fortunate to participate in several group ”trips”, flown together with other students. Every aircraft that goes along on the trip carries 1 instructor and 2 students. During the trip, the students will split the flying time, all the while that your instructor ensures your safety. With others, I have flown to Sporty’s in Cincinnati for their annual fly-in, Dayton, Ohio for their air show and a visit to the Wright/Patterson Museum, and my most favorite, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. I will never forget the thrill of flying over Virginia Beach and then down to “First Flight” and landing where the Wright Brothers first took to the air.

If you have not been able to tell by now, I love airplanes, flying, and everything to do with aviation. I passed my FAA Check ride on April 6, 2012 … at the age of 58. At age 63, I am currently a student at Prior working on obtaining my Instrument Rating. If you too have an interest in aviation, do yourself a huge favor. Instead of always dreaming about it but not doing it, take the time to take an Introductory Flight with a Prior Instructor. You will take the left seat (reserved for pilots), and your instructor will take the right seat. After take-off, you will be given the opportunity to take the controls. There are many people that have the misconception that, when the instructor lets go and has you take over, that your airplane will fly all over the sky like a blown-up balloon let go. It won’t. You will find that your aircraft will continue its flight path and waits for you to push, pull, or turn the yoke to fly where you want it to. Take the yoke, and as your confidence grows, try turning the plane left and right as well as raising and lowering the nose. I would be willing to bet that once you take control, you will never want to let go!

Mike Burwell
Age 63
FAA Check ride — April 6, 2012
Certificate Number 3626613

I have been a private pilot student at Prior since 2015, and have had nothing but great experiences! I like that I can choose between glass and steam instrument panels, gain radio and tower experience, and seamlessly transition to other certificates all at one school. What I love most about learning to fly at Prior is that I’ve never had a flight where I did not enjoy myself; my instructors make me laugh and keep me smiling through the struggles of perfecting a maneuver. Every instructor who I have worked with has been encouraging and respectful. By learning to fly at Prior I am confident that I have the best building blocks to become a safe pilot with developed decision-making skills. Prior is the perfect flight school to make a dream of flight a reality or to begin a career as a professional pilot.

Tedra Derkovitz